Press release: 10th Annual Walk, Lieutenant’s Island

WCT 10th Annual Guided Walk; map by Wellfleet Conservation Trust
WCT 10th Annual Guided Walk; map by Wellfleet Conservation Trust

Contact: Bill Iacuessa, 508-349-9185

Wellfleet Conservation Trust (WCT) will offer its 10th Annual Guided Walk on Saturday, September 10th, 2016 beginning at 9AM. The walk, which is open to the public, free of charge, will be a tour of Lieutenant’s Island in South Wellfleet guided by local experts.

The WCT Annual Guided Walk is a tradition that began in 2007 for the public to experience the beauty of Wellfleet’s open space and conservation lands while being guided by naturalists and other local experts who share their knowledge of the history, geology, and ecology of the areas being explored.

The island’s name is spelled two different ways above. This year’s walk will explain why as well as cover such topics as the causeway and bridge, terrapin gardens, early settlers and island history, aquaculture, role of the Lt. Island Association, erosion, and whale try works and salt haying. The guides will points out the various vistas along with conservation lands.

The walk will begin at 9AM on Saturday, September 10th at the beginning of the Lt. Island causeway (before the bridge). Parking will be limited so carpooling is recommended. The walk is about 2.7 miles in length. Walkers will be offered the opportunity to leave the walk earlier if necessary. Estimated time of the walk is 2.5 – 3.0 hours. Much of the walk is exposed and about half is along the shore of Blackfish Creek. The walk is free of charge, all are welcome to participate, and no reservation is necessary. Rain date is Sunday, September 11h at 9AM at the same location. If there is a rain date, it will be announced on the WCT website by 6:30 AM on the 10th.

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