Conservation land and trails

In cooperation with the Wellfleet Conservation Commission and Town Open Space Committee there are several contiguous properties which provide opportunities for the public to enjoy walking, photography, good exercise and all the other benefits of our Town’s valuable natural resources. When visiting these Conservation lands, please use designated parking areas and stay on the trails.

BayberryQRcode You should see a sign at each trailhead identifying it as the start of a trail in conservation land. There is also a QR code, such as the one for the Bayberry Hill Conservation Area shown to the left here.

A QR, or Quick Response Code is a two-dimensional barcode or machine-readable optical label. You can use it and your smartphone to find a trail guide with map for the specific trail.

The location of Wellfleet Conservation Trust lands are shown on the map below and on the sidebar map on each page of this site.

Trail guides and maps

Wellfleet open space
Click here or on the map to see a high definition pdf version. The pdf is zoomable and can be saved for later use.

Overview: The Story of Outer Cape Cod and of Wellfleet’s ‘In Town’ Conservation Areas, Creeks and Waterways

Trail activity sheets

fiddler Trail evaluation for ages 5-12