Ralph and Dorothy Clover Conservation Area

Clover Trail map showing public walking trails

Area: 8 acres leading to the Cape Cod National Seashore; 0.4 miles of trails, connecting with more int he National Seashore

Area description:  The property consists of a healthy pitch pine and oak forest in full canopy, with occasional immature maples. The shrub layer consists of viburnum, bayberry, shadbush, high bush and low bush blueberry and black huckleberry. The understory suggests that while the land may have been cleared (as most of the Cape was by the mid-19th century), it was never plowed. Ground covers include mayflowers, checkerberry (winterberry), Indian pipes and other typical flora of the acidic, nutrient poor, sandy Cape Cod second growth forest.

Location:  South Wellfleet, immediately north of 130 Old County Road. 41.9208, -69.9971

Directions:  From Rte. 6, turn East on either Old County Rd. or Cottontail Rd. The trail is located at the bend where Old County Rd. becomes Old King’s Highway, just across the street from Cottontail Rd. Look for the Clover Conservation Land sign and park in the area marked by the split rail fence.

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