Charles and Adelaide Walker Family Conservation Land & Trails

Guide and map showing public walking trails

Area: 8.3 acres; 0.6 miles of trails.

Area description:  Nestled between the Herring River to the north and upper Pole Dike Creek to the south, this area derives its ecology and conservation value from the wetlands it contains, including a vernal pool. This short hook-shaped trail arcs around the central area freshwater marshes and pond. The entire property is within the bounds of the MA “Priority Habitat for Rare Species” and exhibits considerable wildlife diversity. The vernal pool was certified in 2013 based on the presence of the mole salamander whose egg masses were observed in the outlet ditch south of Walker’s Pond. The wetlands are ringed with red swamp maples which provide a spectacular autumn display.


Location:  North Wellfleet, near 70 Coles Neck Road. 41.95319, -70.03707

Directions:  From Route 6: going North, turn left onto Coles Neck Road, bear left at the fork to stay on Coles Neck Road; going South, turn right onto Coles Neck Road and bear left at the fork. The trailhead is just within the driveway for 70 Coles Neck Road and to the left. Parking for two vehicles is available on the north side of Coles Neck Road at the storm drain near the yellow “Slow Curve” sign. The trailhead is marked by a large sign and bench.

Walker Trail Guide (PDF)

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