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Wellfleet Conservation Trust lands and trails encompass habitats of beaches, dunes, salt marshes, pine or oak forests, heathlands, meadows, vernal pools, and more, many with significant historical importance as well. The activities involve people of all ages and backgrounds, from long-time residents to visitors coming for their first summer weekend. Schoolchildren and retirees benefit, as well as those who can get away for only brief times for rejuvenation.

Brighid Moran 2
An Americorps partner, Brighid Moran

Accordingly, there are hundreds of photos of animals, plants, fungi, habitats, people, and projects scattered throughout the WCT website. Many of these photos are individual ones displayed on a particular page. Others are in small collections corresponding to specific activities.

The collections are usually shown in “tiled mosaic” format, such as those below, or in a  slide show format. If you click on a small individual photo, it should enlarge, and the tiled mosaic should become a slide show.

The links below take you to pages with collections of photos on particular topics. You can see photos from

Alternatively, see the


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