Drummer Cove site work and trail making

From the Spring 2016 WCT Newsletter:

On December 31, 2015 the WCT reached a long sought after goal – completing the acquisition of the Drummer Cove “Link Lot” in South Wellfleet. Your contributions were essential to making this possible. Thanks to you this beautiful spot is now protected and open for all to enjoy.

Individual donations were the largest source of our funding, but the WCT also received grants from the Massachusetts Conservation Partnership Program, the Bafflin Foundation, the Fields Ponds Foundation and the Cape Cod 5 Saving Bank Foundation. Thanks to these organizations and your generous support, we were able to assemble all of the funding needed to close on the property by year end.

The lot is located on the northwest shore line of Drummer Cove and provides a vital “link” between several conservation properties. Since it preserves critical coast line habitat, this land is of the highest conservation priority. Additionally, there are valuable public and historic benefits to preserving this parcel. Once part of a historic and picturesque walking trail that led from Pleasant Point to the Pond Hill School, public access to this land had been restricted since 2001 by an infamous spite fence. With our acquisition of this property the fence has been razed, and the Drummer Cove trail is now restored for public enjoyment.

We never would have been able to accomplish this without your support. Thank you!

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