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10th Annual Guided Walk


Saturday, September 10, 2016



The Wellfleet Conservation Trust will conduct its 10th Annual Guided Walk on Saturday, September 10th, 2016 beginning at 9AM.   The walk, which is open to the public, free of charge, will be a tour of Lieutenant’s Island in South Wellfleet guided by local experts. 


Click here to read more.  Click here for a map of the walk. 


WCT Annual Meeting


Mr. Peter Trull, Cape Cod Naturalist, author and educator, delivered the keynote address at the Trust's Annual Meeting on Augus20th based on his recent book entitled The Gray Curtain – The Impact of Seals, Sharks and Commercial Fishing along the Northeast Coast.

Mr. Trull showed, through discussion and vivid photographs, the relationship between commercial fishing, expanding gray seal populations and great white sharks along the beaches and in the waters of Cape Cod. This “Gray Curtain” has come about after geologic and environmental changes, as well as animal migrations and population increases. Each has had an effect on the location and, though daily and seasonal changes are accepted as normal, there are great transformations taking place that may go unnoticed, some, unexplained.

“Mr. Trull’s presentation is of current interest, in light of the public’s adoration of seals, the recreational and commercial fishers’ frustrations with the seals and the growing public awareness of increases in great white shark sightings in Wellfleet and other parts of the Cape,” says WCT President Dennis O’Connell.


Drummer Cove "Link Lot"


The Wellfleet Conservation Trust completed its acquisition of the Drummer Cove ‘Link Lot’ in South Wellfleet with funds secured from a successful fundraising campaign marked by overwhelming community support and initiative. The lot, located on the northwest shoreline of Drummer’s Cove, restores an historic trail system to the public and supplements other walking trails in the Blackfish Creek - Fox Island Marsh Conservation Area.


Clich here to view the trail map and trail brochure.



Tales & Trails: Nature Walks for Young Explorers


Wellfleet Conservation Trust has been sponsoring Tales & Trails: Nature Walks for Young Explorers, a new program of after-school walks through some of Wellfleet’s conservation areas. The walks are being led by Heidi Clemmer, author of a new series of nature books for children. The program will expose kids and families to the beauty of Wellfleet’s conservation lands while teaching them about the habitats and wildlife of the outer Cape. Each of the walks will focus on a different eco-system and will be paired with one of the books in her series.


The walks this spring have been very popular and highly successful.  The future program schedule includes cedar swamps in September, tidal flats in October and dunes in November.


Click here for more information. 










The mission of the Wellfleet Conservation Trust is to conserve land in perpetuity for enjoyment by current and future generations.

Thank you for your membership renewals and contributions that allow us to fulfill our mission. Your tax-deductible support is essential for our success in being able to acquire and maintain properties that are important in maintaining the quality of life in our community.  

You may renew your membership or make a contribution by clicking on the Network for Good button on the header of each page of this website.  Of course, contributions by mail continue to be welcome. 



Do you pruchase books and other items from Amazon?  


The Wellfleet Conservation Trust is registered with Amazon so that a portion of your purchases becomes a donation to us. So if you are going to purchase, why not make it so your WCT receives a contribution from Amazon.


To do this, instead of your regular bookmarked Amazon page use https://smile.amazon.com/ch/22-2559199 . All your regular sign in information (name and password) should work and you will get the regular Amazon pricing and the Trust will receive a contribution.  A win-win situation.   Thank you.




State Income Tax Credit for Land Conservation

Starting late in 2011, for the first time ever, landowners who engage in conservation transactions with non-profit land trusts, towns or agencies can be eligible for a powerful new tax advantage—a refundable State income tax credit worth up to $75,000.  This should be exciting news for landowners.  While there have always been income tax deductions available for land gifts on a donor’s federal returns, there have never been any incentives on the State tax side.  Now there are both.

You do not need to reside in Massachusetts or even pay taxes here; so long as you own the land, and the land qualifies, you qualify.  Contact The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts at 508-362-2565 or click here for more information.


Land Trusts and the Cape Cod National Seashore

The principles and techniques of land conservation are the same as those used throughout the Town, but we must admit that the Park is a very special place.


The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trust has produced an 11-minute video describing the partnership between private landowners and the National Park Service to create the Cape Cod National Seashore, emerging threats and the work of non-profit land trusts to save land in the National Seashore.   It is an excellent video and cites several examples of positive partnerships here in Wellfleet.   Click here to go to the Documents Page and view the video.


In addition, The Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts just published a booklet titled "To Live Lightly on the Land - A guide to private land protection in the Cape Cod National Seashore". 


To learn more about the Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Tursts and view a copy of the guide click here.


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