— The Link Lot —

Before I had a name
I was the place where man stood
Looking out over the water

Man knew where to look for fish
And the animals that fed upon them
Man found both here
And fed upon them

Man came and went
As pleasure and need dictated
Treading lightly upon me

Who knows how long
We had this passive truce

Centuries passed
A blink of an eye in my time
When a new breed of man
Decided he would own me

A very peculiar feeling
That someone of flashing existence
Because of means or might
Decided he could own me

Then came the time of conflict
New owners with a vision
Much different than rules and values
Held by the common

Decisions to be made of use
Led to man vs. man
A fence was built

I stayed out of it
A passive observer
I’ll outlast them all anyway

The difference was clear
Forever open and useful
For man to tread lightly
As pleasure and need dictated

Or to be walled
Burdened with structures
Restricted to the few
Who by means or might
Felt the right

I had no choice
No means to resist

Then new man came with another plan
To once again buy me
Thinking preservation

Had I had a voice or choice
Would I care
What is the difference anyway

I think I vote for newest man
Who likes me as I am
Willing to share me
Without burden of structure of fences

I’m neither the “link lot”
Nor the location of a “spite fence”
I am free
I am open
For all to visit
At their pleasure and need.

Dwight Estey

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